How do I download poly-p-ux?

poly-p-ux is so generously hosted by ibiblio, therefore it's on their ftp server. This link should bring you to the main polypux directory on the ftp server. To do it from commandline (if you're "cool" ), it's at, login anonymous, under /pub/linux/distributions/polypux. From there, your desired processor directory should have your desired version directory which should have things in it. Read ftp_readme for a little more info. packagelist is the list of all files in packages/. Use it to compare versions/what's installed against your /etc/snailage/packages.

Quick links

.tar.gz: 486/0.20 | 586/0.01
grub.img - NOT A LOAF!!!: 486/0.20 | 586/0.01

And of course, have fun.