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State of poly-p-ux
Currently, poly-p-ux is in very, very early development. Some strange bastard version of it is on my 486 right now. I have early crap compiled for 486's, and expect 386 and 586 (Pentium) builds whenever the next version is finalized.

The crap system tarballs out now unpack to about 7.9mb (486, others vary), but that is a powerful 7.9mb. It contains busybox, uclibc, kernel modules for just about every piece of (old) hardware imaginable, a basic package-management system (with install and uninstall in-package, and unified check-dependencies), grub, and much, much more. Yeah, there's some stuff missing, but just look in packages

Overall, it's a usable test right now, mostly as a proof-of-concept of the buildroot stuff. Pretty soon, some of my really cool stuff will be relevant - I have a new INIT replacement, some nice smallness hacks, and some day, a small linux-3 kernel and some nice boot disks.
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